First Post!!!!111111!!

And all that internetty nonsense.

If anyone can see this, you're looking at my blog, so welcome.

I live in Yorkshire, Englandland. For any Americans out there: no, I do not know Gordon Brown personally, so don't ask. I work a decaying job in IT, and in my free time I go cycling, jogging, walks and trekking, play a bit of snooker, do whatever DIY my house requires at the time, plus I watch various movies, particularly at film festivals and am moving ever further into the world cinema/anime sector due to the increasingly brainless durge that we get released in the cinema and the telly these days. Perhaps I'll rant about that sometime as it sounds therapeutic.

I'll try to think on and post the odd thing here now and then. Until then, feel free to look at the sparse minimalist decor around this page.


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