Leeds Run For All 2008

Last Sunday, the rain mercifully waited just long enough for most of the racers to get over the finish line with only their accumulated sweat and the contents of a few thousand drinks bottles to drench them.

This post is a big thankyou to everyone who has sponsored me for this event. So far, the amount raised by everyone is £153, which will be heading to Macmillan Cancer Support soon. If you wanted to sponsor me but forgot or never got the chance, you still can - please visit my donation site, which will remain open for sponsorship until 22 September.

It was a pretty damn good day. The atmosphere at the start was electric and the whole buzz had a life affirming feel, seeing so many people trying to acheive goals and raise cash together. It got a little lairy as a few thousand people tried to wave their arms and legs about in an attempt to follow the warm-up guy without killing the person next to them but it was great fun. The only slight let-down was that almost twice the amount of people (12,000 ish) took part this year over last years totals, and it was a bit of a crush at the start and the half-way point. The first half mile was not much more than walking pace and the 'hairpin bend' at the 5.5km mark almost brought the pack to a standstill.

I will use these excuses and more to explain my 1:04:30 time, which is about 30 seconds off last year, where I pushed myself too hard off the start and ended up paying for it in the final two-thirds. This year, once the pack had opened out, I was keeping a steady pace all the way around, and at the end it was less of a case of crawling back to the car, as walking sedately.

Seriously considering the Pudsey and Harewood House runs later on this year..

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