Plan-ET Early Access Now Available

The Event Scheduler has a new name, and has come on a wodge since I mentioned it a week or so ago. Alerts are a little more refined and can be filtered down (the thing whines on about all sorts of little tasks in the pursuit of a perfect events list, which you can now turn off), it works out total costs of all events in your schedule with and without discounts (and recommends which discounts to take), and it will now print out a basic schedule report, which although it is just a text file at the moment, is the first step of the final major area of work that will be the focus of my future attention. After I return from Cambridge, that is.

During our brief stay, I hope to bend the ear of one of the organisers and slip into their mitts a brief flyer extolling the virtues of the app, and convince them what a good idea it would be for them to perhaps make use of it at next year's bash. How good my convincing skills are I don't know but I'd like to try; I genuinely think this app could be a lot of use, especially to that breed of festival goer who likes to pack as much stuff in as they can.

Finally, If anyone is interested in having a go with an early access copy, I can now provide you with one, if you send me an email at planet(dot)fancysoft(at)gmail(dot)com. I will send you a copy of the app in a runnable JAR file (it requires Java 6 installed on your machine - The JRE can be downloaded here - but other than that requirement it should work on Windows, Mac, Unix and Linux just fine). I'll also send a copy of the Cambridge events file for you to play with, and a couple of basic running instructions. Eventually I will be putting Plan-ET up on a code hosting site so people can take a proper look under the hood once I'm happy with it, but for now this will do.

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