Short Film Digest 2

Time for another trio of short films, taken from those that made me smile at the various festivals through the years. Please let me know if any of the video links go to crap.

2.1 The Tube with a Hat

A lovely, slow burning film that took me back to the days when technology was simple enough to allow your dad to unscrew the back off whatever item was faulty, and armed with a bit of electronics knowledge, a hundred pull-out plastic drawers full of spare parts, and a soldering iron, he could get anything going again.

2.2 FARD

FARD really impressed me, the boxy, angular feel of the computer graphics give way to a very clever blending of animated and live action, wrapped up in a Matrix-style conspiracy of consciousness.

2.3 Skhizein

In a very French style, Skhizein tells the story of a poor, ordinary man who, thanks to being blatted with a meteorite, is always 91cm away from where he should be.

I'll have a dig around for some more soon.

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