The Quake

It doesn't seem right for me to blah on about my travels around Japan without at least acknowledging the huge earthquake and resulting tsunami that has just devastated the north-eastern side of Japan. An 8.9 magnitude earthquake is right up there with the most devastating ever (massively larger than the 1995 Kobe 6.8 magnitude earthquake, although the epicentre was on the land that time), and they are expecting to experience a number of aftershocks, tidal waves, and maybe even another earthquake as well.

The US is on standby with a score of humanitarian deployments, although America itself is preparing for some of the after effects - the pacific side of the country is bracing for the tidal wave hitting the west coast soon. Russia, China, Korea and others are all on similar alerts.

My heart goes out to the many families out there that have been devastated by this.

Update: Google has released a page to help people find relatives or post information about others.

Update 2: Shelterbox have set up a JustGiving page to raise money for the stranded and homeless during the relief efforts. Please consider donating to the cause. I did.

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