Leeds 10k Race Result

This year's Jane Tomlinson Leeds 10k was nearly a miss this year, partly because up to only a couple of minutes before the start it was teeming with rain, but mostly because - thanks to my over-zealous efforts at the Leeds Half Marathon and the Hull 10k the week afterwards, I managed to partially rupture my Achilles Tendon. Even on the morning it was very stiff and I still have a noticeable limp. But this was the fifth year of the Leeds 10k and I was determined to do it, at a steady pace if nothing else.

So I was quite pleased when the rain stopped just long enough to get round in a reasonably on-pace 1:04:25, and so far, with no repercussions to speak of aside from a little swelling. My total raised for charity was a big fat zero, because I really wasn't sure if I would be ready in time (the doc advised against it), but there is the York 10k at the end of July, where people will be duly pestered once again.

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