I've Done This

And so have quite a few others, to my surprise. I think I shall do it again, after hearing this guy list the reasons.

How many times has a wad of junk mail dropped through your letter box, asking you AGAIN whether you'd like a loan, or offering a free shiny pen set for signing your life away? Plenty, I would guess. I confess that after a particularly stressful time at work, one such establishment received retribution in the form of their business reply envelope being stuffed with other junk mail (with identifying data carefully removed of course), and just in case they were a bit hungry, last nights potato peelings, topped off with a few application forms filled in entirely with swear words.

It turns out I revert to a teenager's mentality when sufficiently annoyed.

But it seems, give or take a cuss-word, that I am not alone, and the tactic can be modified to allow us armchair Occupy activists to do our bit. Give a bit of much needed cash to the Post Office, make (some) use of all that paper, have a bit of a dig at the banks, and keep them busy at their own expense.

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