If Someone Was Going To Do It...

If there was going to be one journalist that would be able to do a piece about Japan in a non-defensive, personally involved sort of way and bring it to the mainstream, it pretty much had to be Charlie Brooker.

Obscure games, technology and culture fan, and a sometime columnist in a major national newspaper. It had to be him, and his seemingly brief trip to a place he has wanted to visit for ages brought back some of my own fond memories and feelings for the place. He picks up on what I love about the place, was confused out of my mind about, and just went with the flow about.

Shame he didn't seem to look beyond the capital and into the beauty and oddity of the rest of the country. The comments are full of others who have done the same, whose words make me nostalgic and happy.

"Somehow, I was home." - Charlie, I know exactly how you feel.

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