A Twitch in the Curtains

Hi, everyone. My blog has been pretty silent for a while because I needed some me time, or rather some us time, since Ms. Plants has recently decided to accept my offer to move in, selfishly bringing with her a whole person's worth of posessions. Added to that, my job, which was getting me down and causing lots of travel and incompetence-related stress, has been removed from my life and replaced with one where I can walk there rather than taking up two hours of every day in travel, and when I arrive, I have a good chance of knowing what to do in the day and have the ability to decide how to do it.

Consequently my life has been flip-turned upside down, as a great philosopher once said, and so during this transition period some things, including this blog, have had to be temporarily shelved. Sorry about that.

However, things are beginning to straighten out once again (not least that I can now get into the room containing the computer) and so there will be a normality of sorts slowly returning, beginning with, as you might expect, a trip to the cinema..

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