Not a Happy Chicken!!!

Right now this computer is about fecking due for being thrown out of the window!

I'm back from work.  The dog has been out for a good ball throwing sesh.  It's still too dark outside to get in the garden.  I'll do some much needed blogging, I think.

I spend the next three hours writing the next part of the Polish holiday blog.  A bit of research to refresh my head about Auschwitz.  Some neatly-placed photographs.  Some sombre but powerful words to convey the weight of the experience.

Then - as I am about to finish for the night, my hand brushes over the mouse pad.  The entirity of the text is highlighted and dragged off the text field that I am typing into now, and off to the ether - a bit of the webpage that doesn't do much when you drop text onto it.  My new blog post goes blank.  I scream.

Ctrl-Z to the rescue?  Hell, no.  That for some reason has stopped working.  As a last resort, I hurry the mouse cursor over the 'Close' button to abandon my edits and get back to a previous save, but just as I click on the button - the auto-save kicks in.

I have lost it all.

Whether this is down to Firefox, or maybe Google's attempts to be too clever with it's online text editor, or even Apple with it's stupid mouse pad, I thank their efforts in making me scream and shout at this time of night and waking the neighbours.

I'll start again tomorrow, I guess.

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