Well, last year's pledge didn't go very well, did it?  I posted sometime last year, happily announcing my impending fatherhood, with a promise that because of some more home time there would be more bloggage.  Well, as the timing gods would have things, here I am back blogging again on the verge of little Gregory's first birthday.

So, what has happened since my last update?  Well, the biggest film event of the year got sort of cancelled.  Just as Leeds 2014 was about to get going, and we had a couple of weeks remaining til the due date I was sat in my car with a clutch of festival tickets when the phone rang.  Ms. Plants had been kept in hospital after a general checkup as her blood pressure was going up, fast.  A day later we were inducing the birth.  But the little man was like both his parents, so he was double-strength stubborn and five days of pushing and screaming and trying he was finally persuaded out with the help of the frightening-looking ventouse.  Fortunately his head did eventually make it back to a proper shape and both mother and baby are fine one year on.

Parenthood is stressful, busy and exhausting.  It's also the best thing ever.  Tiny changes like little eyes focusing on you, grabbing fingers, laughing, walking and his first word (banana, strangely) have all been joyous occasions.  You forget the tired nights and the dirty nappies in a flash.  One little smile makes my whole day and I regret nothing.

So we're expecting another one next year.

I anticipate that little Gregory's behaviour will change around springtime and he will be as good as gold so we can concentrate on changing the nappies and feeding #2.  I am absolutely sure this will happen with no parental naivety at all.  He picks things up quickly.

So, no golden plantpots this year and you can kind of guess why last years went down the swanny.  Normally by now I would have seen several dozen films at a handful of festivals (RIP BIFF this year by the way, hopefully it will return) but at least I can say I managed a few this year.  Given the additional fun and games due next year, it will be unlikely I'll find time for films then either, but I think we'll be entertained in many other ways.

So there will be a few posts over the next couple of days for the films I get to see.  Ms. Plants has generously volunteered to take responsibility of the sprog for a few days as she knows how much I miss making my eyes bleed.  For that short space of time, bring it on!

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