Festival Time Again!

I nearly forgot that it's nearly time for the 63rd Edinburgh International Film Festival 2009 which takes place on 17-28 June. The festival brochure is now out (you can download a copy from here) and the festival takes place at the time of year that Cambridge used to before 2008 (Cambridge and Leeds fests are now frustratingly close together). Given my continued abstinence from work-related activities, it seems like the right thing to do to get myself up over the border for a week and see what's on offer, with a bit of Edinburgh sightseeing thrown in.

After going through the blurb, some films that caught my eye included Wide Open Spaces (a film about Celtic eccentricity from Father Ted co-creator Arthur Matthews), A BLOOMING BUSINESS (a documentary following Kenya's flower industry and the working conditions therein), The Maiden Heist (Three aging museum security guards steal treasures to stop them being transferred to another museum), Boogie Woogie (satirical comedy with an all-star cast set in the decadent corners of the art world), Isolation (a documentary about an ex-soldier turned photographer following the lives of injured soldiers let down by their country) and Tiny Joys (finding happiness in the classified ads).

You know I'll be seeing much more than that :)

Problem is I need to be in Leeds on the 21st June for the Jane Tomlinson 10k, my third year attending. This means I'll miss some other potential crackers such as Big River Man (one man's journey swimming up the Amazon) and Little Soldier (a female soldier questions her latest role - ferrying call-girls for her pimp father), unless I get lucky and they are picked as part of the 'Best of the Fest' lineup on the last day. My plan as it stands is to do the run, go home and then drive straight up to Scotland and maybe even catch one of the evening shows, then stay up there to the end.

As usual I'll be sticking up here whatever it is that I do end up seeing, so keep checking back.

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