Race Results

Slightly belatedly, here are my race results.

Leeds Half Marathon: 2:26:28

Though I was trounced by my boss who is really really old and shouldn't be able to run as quick as he can, this was my first competition race at this length. I'd managed a couple on a measured local route and the best I'd managed was a 2:33. I never imagined that I'd get below 2 and a half hours but I was aided by good weather, a more forgiving route on my feet, and a kindly lady who I got talking to on the start line who was also looking for a 2:30 time, and so offered to run pace with me. It's amazing just what a push you can get from being in a crowd of runners too. That and being off my tits on bananas, pasta and barocca. Definitely doing it again next year!

Hull 10K
: 58:52

Buoyed up with the knowledge I could manage more than twice distance, I set a target of under an hour - something I've only managed by fluke once on a local route, so armed with a similar amount of pre-race energy and carbs, I went for it. Hull is perhaps the best place to go to get a good 10k time, since the route is almost completely flat. I went to visit The Deep afterwards, which was alright, but not a patch on Churaumi.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the associated JustGiving pages (Leeds, Hull) for these races. Together so far £200 has been raised for Japanese Tsunami Relief Fund and Macmillan Cancer Support.

I'm currently invalided with a sprained ankle at the moment, which I hope will heal quick as there is still the Leeds 10K and York 10Ks to go, starting in a months time.

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