Stop Genocide Legislature in Uganda

Just a quick post to highlight the potential atrocity going on in Uganda. A bill that the religious right are trying to pass in the Ugandan government to make homosexuality punishable by the death penalty. This despicable law has the backing of the American religious right, and seeks to have men and women reported to the police, hunted down and executed in their thousands. Basically, another holocaust.

Avaaz are calling on the outraged throughout the world to add their names to a signature to stop the legislature from being entered into parliament for discussion. However this is imminent (like, in the next 24 hours, unless it gets a delay) and so the strength of voice against this needs to be loud and immediate, and everyone can help.

Please add your voice by signing their petition (I have), following the link below, and hope that it's enough to stop the law passing, or it will surely set a precedent for the deaths of millions of people to be justified in law, a law which will surely be adopted elsewhere if successful.

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