The Biggie

Well, maybe not the biggie, depending on your experiences. You might be Eddie Izzard.

But it's a biggie for me.

In less than a fortnight, I will be going for it and doing the Liverpool Marathon, as usual for Macmillan Cancer Support.  I've just about got the hang of half marathons, but this is the first full length one.

Someone, somewhere said I shouldn't attempt the full distance until the day.  It may have been my lazy self telling me to skip it in a dream, but hopefully it's actually the right advice.  We shall see.

Being quite of big bone, I'm going to aim for about 5 hours as a fair time to cover the *wince* 26.2 miles and I get across that line, at which point Ms. Plants has been instructed to sweep up whatever remains of me and deposit me in the nearest bath.  If you think that a bit of financial incentive might get that time down by a few minutes, I'd very much appreciate you getting clicky with the following link:
JustGiving - Sponsor me now!
 (Boo.. JustGiving don't have the fancy total plugin anymore)

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