This might ruffle some feathers..

Lots going on on the film front! Tomorrow the site for the Leeds Film Festival goes live (Ms. Plants has bought me a pass!! - though it might be to get me out of the house and give her some peace..), so I'll be scanning the site constantly for a whiff of the film list.  Leeds typically doesn't disappoint.

And, news has also reached me that Nina Paley, who came to Leeds a few years back with her impressive film Sita Sings the Blues, is trying to get her latest one of the ground.  Currently, only a section of the ending has been released:

(go here for an explanation of who is who)

Given the sensitivities displayed right now by temple burning extremists, and communities unsure whether or not they are offended by JK Rowling's new effort, a cartoon depiction of all the centuries fighty-stabby that's gone on over the rights to the holy lands is a brave thing to be releasing.

So all power to her.  I can't wait to see the full thing.

Oh, and Sita Sings the Blues can now be viewed in it's entirety.

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