A Hearty Haul

Yarr, a most precious haul of the finest.. metal.. in all the land!

Left to right: Lake Windemere 13-mile walk, York 10k, Leeds Half Marathon, Hull 10k, Leeds 10k, and the Liverpool Marathon medal at the bottom.

I don't care.  This year I managed to tick off one of the things to do in my life - run a marathon, and it was the culmination of a fantastic year of running for me.  I will never be a professional, but I don't care about that, just to be at a level of fitness to take them on makes me want to do more, and the Run for All's 2012 medals as souvenirs were an excellent form of encouragement to collect em all.  Next year, I'll be doing all the above and maybe some more too.  Looking forward to it.

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