Sometimes the best things happen on a whim.  Meet Boone.

We had been thinking of getting a dog for a while, sort of on and off.  Well, a pet, anyway.  Ms. Plants was making worrying noises about maybe getting a cat, so something had to be done.  And when we saw some border collie pups for sale nearby, we had to go have a look.

I said that we were strictly just going to have a look.

The owners' house was filthy, there was no getting around it.  The couple in charge looked as if they had given over their small abode completely to their two collies and their litter of six or more, who were merrily falling over each other and generally producing all sorts of smells and substances that young dogs do.  They were 8 weeks old, healthy and adorable, and after getting used to the smell we spent a good hour cooing over them and playing like children.

We bought one on a whim.  That morning, I had been grouting.  Now we have a puppeh!

No more grouting was done that day, or for several days since.

He learns quick.  After 3 weeks, he can already sit and stay at heel, fetch sticks, and for the most part doesn't leave presents around the house.  Mostly.  But also he's learned where the food is, and learned to ignore us when we say don't raid the cupboards and eat it all.  Don't let those puppy-dog eyes fool you, he's a crafty one.

But overall it's fantastic having a dog again, and next week when his second injection has fully settled in, we can start to take him on walks (or he can take us).

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