Greetings from Japan

Just a quick post, I landed yesterday and am now stuck in the torrential rain in Ueno, Tokyo. Massive kerfuffle with checked baggage that didn't take the journey with me yesterday and has only just turned up at the hotel. The last 24 hours have been a massive adrenaline-fuelled worry since if it didn't arrive today, then I might as well wave goodbye to it as tomorrow I fly to Okinawa.

However I did manage to get away for a little bit today; I got my priorities right and went to see the new Studio Ghibli film, The Borrower Arrietty, based on the Borrowers tales. Even though it was in Japanese with no subtitles, it was still very understandable and a lovely film, the art style of the characters and backgrounds reminding me a lot of Whisper of the Heart. I look forward to an English translation, but that's years off so I'm glad I got the privilege to see it while here. I've spent the rest of the time exploring the Yamanote line and smiled warmly whenever I recognized an area that I rushed through in panic last time.

Ja ne, Fancy-plants.

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