Japan 2010: 0.5 - The Task Ahead

I have returned fresh-ish from a fantastic time in Japan somehow managing to avoid the cursed jet-lag, I can't believe that period just gone was 3 whole weeks, I'm sure I set off just yesterday.

Anyway, as before, I'll be covering my experiences as best as I can through the medium of blog. Some people have asked me why I do this, and I admit freely that self-centredness might be a factor; effectively sticking my entire life up on screen for anyone to read, but it's also the best way I can think of for recording these parts of history as permanently and completely as I can, I just don't trust my brain enough to hold in the important bits.

This will be no small feat, since last time it took the best part of 2008 to sift through all my tickets, booklets and diary scribblings to get an accurate recollection in my head of what I did. Hopefully however this time I will be able to do it a bit quicker. Maybe have it mostly out of the way by the new year.

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