Instant Conversion

That's it, I am offically a fan of the Japanese Onsen.

After ignoring them first time round this was one of those must do things, and I'm so glad I did. My inaugral experience was at Fukuyu Onsen in Nagasaki, perched high on the hills above the city. The initial English uncovered body embarassment soon slipped away and was replaced by a deep relaxation in one of their communal baths. Half of them were inside and the others were out in the open air looking over the night scene below. There was a 60 degree sauna for when you wanted to sweat it all out, and sun-loungers for when you wanted to just relax and cool down. It was a fantastic way to undo the sore feet of a days' sightseeing and I felt super-relaxed on the free bus back; my legs so spongy after it all that I could hardly walk.

Needless to say I will be going again. I already have my own 'cover your privates but only just' onsen towel.

I'll be proper blog posting when I return to the UK.

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